Harding Asphalt Paving Inc Takes Pride in Every Project We Do, Residential as well as Commercial. We can apply new asphalt for your project or we can help you with the maintenance of your existing asphalt. At Harding Asphalt Paving Inc we pride ourselves in being experts at preventative asphalt maintenance. Regular maintenance, including patching, crack filling and seal coating, can extend the life of your asphalt surface — helping you to achieve the best possible return on your investment.

             Asphalt Resurfacing



   A cost-effective alternative to completely replacing an asphalt surface.The asphalt structure’s base holds the key to whether resurfacing is possible. As long as the base is stable and the drainage is sufficient, asphalt resurfacing can be a viable option. Harding Asphalt Paving Inc can help you understand your options when making the decision to repair or replace your existing surface.

             Seal Coating


  Since asphalt is a petroleum product, other petroleum products will react with the surface. This includes vehicle oil and gasoline. The seal coat will act as a barrier against those materials. A seal coat is not a crack filling agent; this must be done prior to applying the seal coat. Properly applied, seal coat can save an owner huge costs as well as beautifying the look of a home, school, business or park area.​

           ADA Compliance

  Laying down pavement or pavement resurfacing projects in certain areas need to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Commercial businesses, schools and parks need to incorporate curb ramps into a project. Harding Asphalt Paving Inc can help you meet the California states requirements.

Harding Asphalt Paving Inc. Professional Services 

Petro Mat Overlays • Remove & Replace Asphalt • Grade & Base Placement • Hot Crack Filling 


Asphalt Grinding Stripping • Asphalt Machine Curbs • Asphalt Grindings Placed & Oiled

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